Color Your Own Shirts

Q- Who are your products recommended for ?
A- Are products are for anybody above the age of 3

Q- How do i color the shirt ?
1- Place hard surface inside the t-shirt/pillowcase under the picture for best coloring results.
2- Color on the t-shirt/pillowcase with the enclosed crayons (non-toxic fabric markers)
3- Once you are satisfied with your design, then put it in the dryer on hot for approx. 20 minutes.
4- Now your design is permanent & washable.

Q- Are the products washable ?
A- Yes, you can use a standard washing machine

Q- Are the colors toxic ?
A- No, the fabric markers are non-toxic

Q- Will the colors wash off after washing?
A- No, but as with any product colors will fade over a period of time

Q- Do you guarantee your products ?
A- Yes, we have a 100 % satisfaction policy. Please see our policy page for full details.

Q- Are your products available for wholesale purchase ?
A- Yes, contact us for details